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T h e * E a r t h * i s * D a n c i n g


Confessions of a Supernatural Addict

about me.

I'm an Information Technology professional, married with mostly-grown kids and am totally regressing back to my 20s & 30s. I've re-discovered my love for all things sci-fi, the visual-arts and performing arts, and the meta-physical world.

I'm a huge TV geek, especially SciFi genre. This includes the re-made Battlestar Galactica and all versions of Star Trek. My current TV obsession is Supernatural, which airs on the CW. If you haven't seen this show yet, let's TALK!

It's good to be a geek in today's world. Back when I was younger--geekdom was looked down on. I'd become very good at wearing my disguise of "normality" to survive in the business world. Now either the world appreciates us more--or I'm just now old enough to not give a damn if others sneer at my geekiness. I love my geekiness now. I'm also a computer-nerd and am very much an apple-fangirl who is in love with her iPod.

I love to draw and am an amateur photographer who would love to become more serious if I had the time. I am also a huge history buff with a bit of a fascination for medieval and Renaissance history. Oh heck, I love all history honestly. I am interested in genealogy. I love Shakespeare. I am also fascinated about psychology.

I'm interested in people who are different or unique. Unusual people totally rock. The more diverse, unique, or different their interests, the better.

My posts are a mix of fandom and RL. Most RL posts are friends locked. Please feel free to friend or de-friend me at will.

While I was raised in a pretty typical mainstream suburban American household, I'm more pulled to the non-mainstream. Currently I'm exploring my spiritual side and have an interest in the metaphysical world including Buddhism, Paganism, meditation and chakras, energetic healing arts, astrology, and more. I've taken classes and done mentorships with psychics, energetic and intuitive healers, and in shamanism and astrology. I consider myself an intuitive empath with a smattering of underdeveloped clairsentience/clariaudience. Most of my LJ posts in this area are flocked and/or filtered, drop me a message if you are interested. Or better yet, engage in conversation with me on some of my many unlocked posts. I've found that adding "friends" on LJ is better left as an organic thing that progresses mostly from interchanged comments on mutual LJs. I've struck up friendships with folks I've never met in RL just by getting spontaneously involved in mini comment-fests on either my or their LJs or even in a third-parties LJ.


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