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Sticky Post :: About This Space & Friending Policy

(Thanks to mrsr58 for the great banner!)

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

About this Space

This is my primary fandom home.   If you've wandered here somehow via real-life channels, hi there!   In this space I let my fandom geek out.   I also express my love of photography via fandom by taking and sharing with fandom photographs at conventions
(via a Creative Commons License).     I also sometimes share bits and pieces of my real life here.  Sometimes friends-locked.  Sometimes not.  But always with an eye towards sharing within a fandom space.  The emphasis in open posts is usually on fun.   I gave up hiding fandom a few years ago.  I don't advertise, but yes, this is also me.   Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one of my favorite childhood books and movies, had his character Willy Wonka state that "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man."   This is the tag line that describes this space.    If you want serious, if you want my professional side, I have other spaces for that.  :)

My posts are a mix of fandom and RL. Many, but not all, RL posts are friends locked.  Most fandom posts are unlocked.


Friending Policy

  • I no longer automatically friend people back.  Mostly to keep my flist manageable.

  • Feel free to friend me but I may not friend back right away.  A good portion of my posts are not locked and I enjoy engaging in conversations with people on those posts.   I've found that adding "friends" on LJ is better left as an organic thing that progresses mostly from interchanged comments on mutual LJs.  I've struck up friendships with folks I've never met in RL just by getting spontaneously involved in mini comment-fests on either my or their LJs or even in a third-parties LJ.

  • De-friending amnesty is every day.  Hey this LJ thing called "friends" can feel awkward sometimes right?   Everyone, methinks, has those moments of, "Oh noes! someone doesn't like me anymore!"   However, interests change, life changes, etc.   If you want/need to defriend, go ahead!  I'll do the same if I feel we've either never really connected or our interests-in-comment have decreased a lot.

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